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Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report

Puerto Vallarta Fishing report from Owners Direct

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Puerto Vallarta Fishing report

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Fishing Report Puerto Vallarta July  2017

Puerto Vallarta Fishing report The Puerto Vallarta fishing report  is in full swing. The water temp is holding around 80 deg. and blue water in almost all places. If you can’t get to the blue water that is holding bait the chances are good for big game fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. Some days the run has been short but others plan on around 2 hrs. I’ve been using terrafin and plotting courses before we leave the dock. This cuts down on the time we need to find where the fish are feeding. This information along with what we did the day before is the best knowledge you can have when going after big game.

Marlin fishing Mexico

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Right now there are marlin, tuna, sailfish and dorados here in Puerto Vallarta fishing. Last week the tuna were at the banco ( 50 miles offshore ) and you need to plan on a 12 hr trip to catch these. The marlin were hanging around the Corbetena which is a 10 hr trip but can turn into a 12 hr trip depending on the action. Some folks just don’t want to leave when they see all the action the fishing spot has to offer. The large bonitas ( 5 to 10 lbs. ) we use for the big tuna and marlin work really well for pargos around the rocks at Corbetena and Banco. A simple slow drift with whole or bonita work best. If we have live bonitas we will put them down first.

The sailfish have been in and outside the bay the last few days. These trips can be done in 8 hrs. Best bet is to work the chlorophyll break line where we know the blue water meets the slightly off color water, works great for catching the dorados ( mahi-mahi dolphin ) as well .

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The inshore fishing has been a mixed bag. Some days finding mahi mahi and sails in the bay and just outside. The bonitas have been all over the bay. The jack cerville are schooling in and just outside the bay. These trips can be done in 4 to 6 hrs.   marlin fishing puerto vallarta reportThe pargos and roosterfish are showing up in good numbers here in Puerto Vallarta fishing report. Come on down and wet a line with us The fishing is hot in Puerto Vallarta Fishing   The weather is perfect and fishing is hot. So come on down and enjoy the superb fishing here in Puerto Vallarta. The Los Muertos fishing tournament  November 8-9 th.   ,2015 The Las Muertos  Fishing tournament is coming us November 5, 2016 . Lot of fish caught by everyone. So if you want to bring down the family for a day of bay fishing or go after one of the big ones now is a great time to fish here in Puerto Vallarta. The fishing is holding strong and will only continue to get better. November is one of the best months to fish here in Puerto Vallarta fishing.  fishing puerto vallarta tuna Shoot me an e mail for latest fishing report: click here

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